Casino Craps Tables

Casino Craps Tables

There are a lot of distinctive games in a casino that really stand out from the other offerings and have their own unique look, and casino craps tables very much fall into this category with a really interesting set up that you will not find at any other casino game. First of all is the fact that you normally stand around the craps table rather than sitting as you would in other instances, so it is very much an active game in which everyone is on their feet – which helps to create that special atmosphere that craps commands.

You will find that the casino craps tables are something that you recognise no matter where you see them, as they have some features that are not like anything that you see in any other casino game: for example, they have very high sides, so that the dice do not bounce up and over the small ledge that most casino tables have – this creates almost an arena like space, so that you could imagine yourself looking down into a model of the Circus Maximus or another area of that same oval shape. Rather than a race track, however, what you will see here is normally a green baize covering which creates a base for both the dice rolling area and the betting table, making it all much easier to play since you do not have to hold back when rolling the dice. In fact, it is often encouraged that you try to bounce the dice against the far side of the table so that they come to a stop after rebounding, rather than just coming to a stop before this point. The betting table is printed on to the fabric as it is with other games, so that the table is always in the same place and it cannot be knocked out of place or out of sync by an errant dice. There are also normally grooves or special areas around the outside of the table where you can place your chips between games in order to keep them all in order, as well as spaces to put down drinks in some cases, though this will depend on which casino you are playing at (and will of course not be a consideration at all if you are playing over the internet).

There is a layout on all casino craps tables which is always the same, and the betting table is often repeated twice with a mirrored image on either side so that players can access the same bets no matter what side of the table they are standing on. You will see the same boxes and the same labels wherever you play the game, so it is important to learn what these all mean in order to make the right bets. The pass line and don’t pass line take up space around the outside of the table, and then as you move inwards you will see the side bets which can be made in order to try to get yourself some wins in the middle of the game as well as at the end of it. You place a bet simply by putting your chips down in the box that represents the bet that you want to make, so it is always important to make sure that your chips are within the lines of the box rather than spilling out into another betting area (though if you are betting large amounts this may start to become a bit of an issue!). One of the key and most recognisable features of the craps table is in fact not attached to it, but is always used in conjunction with it: the stickman uses a wooden stick with a curved edge in order to collect the dice and return them to the next shooter, and this stick is a very important part of the game which really adds to part of the game environment and gives it a more cohesive and recognisable look so that you can start to get that same feeling every time that you come to the craps table no matter where in the world you are.

If you are playing this casino game in a land based establishment as opposed to an online one then the casino craps tables will have three other elements which we have not yet discussed. Alongside the stickmen are three more croupiers who are involved with the game: the boxman guards the chips to make sure that there is no foul play, supervises the dealers, and exchanges small chip denominations for larger ones in order to make sure that there are not too many chips piled up on the table; then there are two base dealers, who stand to either side of the boxman in order to collect any losing bets and pay out any winning bets to keep the game moving quickly. The stickman’s duties will also include taking the bets in the centre of the table, announcing the results of each roll, and directing the base dealers to make sure that they do not miss any of the bets which are in the centre of the table and which need to be paid out. This system means that everything flows smoothly in order to keep everything moving as quickly as possible, and to avoid delays in any part of the game for the players.

There is a real sense of atmosphere which builds up around casino craps tables, and which you will not find in many other casino games. It is this for which they are really known, and you can often locate the craps table in any casino easily by following the noise of exclamations and excited calls as the players can becoming very animated and even rowdy as a result of the excitement which the rolls can cause. Everyone will get along with one another too, sharing in the celebration of big wins and commiserating for losses even when they are not betting.

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